The Landlords Association of Eastern Jackson County

The Landlords Association of Eastern Jackson County, a not for profit corporation, is a group of property investors who network with each other to become better educated on community affairs that affect our business.

The Association not only offers services to our members, but also works with the cities in our area to assure that safe housing is available for all who rent.

October General Meeting

When: 6:30 PM on Thursday, October 25, 2018.

Where: Weber Flooring/Joe's Carpet, 13800 E 42nd Terrace, Independence, MO. Google Maps link

Topic: This is LAEJC's general business meeting, and there is a proposed bylaw change for the membership to vote on.

LAEJC needs candidates for officers and board members!

At our October 2018 meeting, all four LAEJC officers and three out of the five LAEJC board member positions will be up for election. We need candidates for these seven positions! Read on to find out how to nominate someone, including yourself.

Each of the four officers has a one-year term. The qualifications for both officers and board members are to be a member in good standing of LAEJC, with an interest in property ownership, property investment, or community development.

President - Serves as chief executive officer. Presides over general meetings and board meetings. Generally serves as the public face of the association.

Vice President - Performs the duties of the President when the President is absent.

Secretary - Primarily responsible for keeping and distributing the minutes of all meetings. Manages the calendar and communications of the Association. Currently, the Secretary also manages LAEJC's web site.

Treasurer - Responsible for tracking the finances of the Association, including making deposits, tracking expenditures, keeping tax records, recording membership payments, and maintaining the membership rolls.

Board members - Act as a group to conduct the business of the association, to provide direction, and generally to determine the goals, objectives, and actions of the association. Each board member also participates in committees as assigned by the President.

All current officers, as well as the immediate past president of the Association, are on the board. Additional board members are needed to bring the total board to nine members.

The officers and board are the vehicle that drives the Association forward. It is by their efforts that the Association derives its purpose and the energy that makes it a successful part of the community. They provide the information to our membership, the community, and the media, on the issues that affect the business of the property owners and investors that create homes for residents of Eastern Jackson County.

To nominate someone (including yourself!) for an officer or board member position, please contact Howard Adams, Gwen Fisher, or Greg Sloan.

We need your help to fill these positions. WITHOUT THESE FOLKS, WE CANNOT SUCCEED.